Registered Travel Nursing Jobs in California

Travel Nurse Jobs in California
Travel Nurse Jobs in California with HPA Staffing.

California Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel nurse jobs are hot in California right now and we don’t mean the temperature. Nurses from every where are in search for a job in beautiful sunny California. Did you know that California is the #1 destination for California travel nurse jobs? The reason is obvious, who doesn’t want to spend their off time vacations the beautiful sandy beaches, wine tasting in the mountains or visiting some of the funnest cities in America?

There are currently an abundance of travel nurse jobs in California because of the growing population. New hospitals and facilities are opening up every year in need of temporary staffing. In addition to every other hospital always has gaps in their schedule that needs fulfillment.

Let’s take a closer look and dive into other reasons why RN’s love travel nurse jobs in California:

  • California travel nurse jobs are some of the highest paying positions in the nation.
  • Vacation while you work and visit some of the world’s most famous landmarks.
  • There is always availability anywhere in the state.
  • Choose when and where you want to work in one of the most beautiful states in the nation.
  • No matter your speciality, most likely there is an opening at the facility of your preference.
  • Work with HPA Staffing, a California local travel nurse staffing agency.

The list could go on and on about all the awesome reasons why to choose from the many travel nurse jobs in California.


How to choose from the top California Travel Nursing Agencies

Truth is there are a lot of California Travel Nursing Agencies to choose from and we understand that. Although HPA Staffing may not be the largest travel nurse agency in California; we are the premier choice for RN Jobs in California. Having less employees such as recruiters, account reps. and other positions, we are able to focus on what is important and that is our nurses. We can afford to offer competitive rates as well since we do not have the same overhead as the larger corporate companies. Choosing HPA Staffing as your California Travel Nursing Agency will be a great step for you in your travel RN career in California. Contact us today to get started working with the top choice of RN’s for California Travel Nursing Agencies!

Where to find travel nurse jobs in California?

There are dozens if not hundreds of travel nurse agencies that offer positions in California but the majority of them do not specialize in California travel nurse jobs. Typically they have recruiters based in other states that only have general information about California and the facilities in it. Why would you choose to work with a travel nurse agency that knows nothing about where you are working? It would be the same as purchasing a car from someone that knows nothing about the history of it.

HPA Staffing is California local and has a team that has lived here our whole lives. We have lived throughout the state and call it our home. Working through an agency that can assist you not only in travel nurse jobs in California but help you find exactly where you want to be located to see and enjoy the golden state is important. HPA Staffing is here to assist you in your dream job in California and find you the best California travel nursing jobs. Choose a company who specializes in California travel nursing jobs, not one that just offers them.

If you are ready to search the many travel nurse jobs in California then check out our travel nurse job board. Here you will find travel nurse assignments from boarder to boarder. We look forward to working with you and assisting you in offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, becoming a travel nurse in California. Contact us today to get started on your search for travel nurse jobs in California.