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It is an easy process to begin searching nursing jobs; California is one of the top destinations for RN's. Check out all of our RN jobs California has to offer. Whether you are searching for Northern California nursing jobs or RN jobs in Southern California; we can help you!

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We pair up with the top facilities to offer the best RN Jobs California has. Below you will find testimonies from RN's that were searching for Northern California nursing jobs and RN jobs in Southern California in addition to administration that offers placement to become a Travel Nurse in California. Check out what people have to say about us!

"Healthcare Professional Agency has saved us in our yearly holiday staffing crunch year after year. We know whenever our units are short and are in need of experienced and quality nurses, Healthcare Professional Agency is there to the rescue. We strive to fill our units with the very best nurses in California and Healthcare Professional Agency assists us in doing that."

Bruce Willheimer, Staffing Coordinator

"My love for helping women and caring for babies is everything to me. Becoming a travel nurse in California has allowed me to share that love with hundreds of women and babies in different locations. I love my time at each facility but always look forward to make next assignment. HPA works with the best hospitals in California and can travel anywhere in the state."

Trisha Parks, OB/GYN RN

"Healthcare Professional Agency is an awesome company to work with. The pay is great and I get to work anywhere in California. One month I am in the wine country and the next I am working near the beautiful beaches of southern California. Thanks for all the work opportunities HPA."

Ben Krochik, Tele Nurse

"I have been working for HPA for a year now and they take great care of me. They always allow me to make my own schedule and have assignments available when ever I am in need of work. Great team at HPA and always are great to work with. "

Raquelle Beesin, L&D RN

"Working with HPA has been a blast. Traveling around California as a travel nurse has been the best experience of my life. Getting paid weekly and making my own schedule is only a couple reasons why I love it. Thanks HPA for all the amazing opportunities and cant wait to see where the next assignment takes me."

Chanel Simons, ICU RN

"Healthcare Professional Agency has been wonderful to me. They have helped me get my first travel nurse assignment and have offered me some great jobs in wonderful locations. Thanks for all the support!"

Camila Vasquez, Med-Surg RN

"After receiving my degree and working in the field for a few years, HPA found me a great traveling nurse position in Southern California. Having the ability to go to different hospitals throughout California has allowed me to receive first hand experience in different environments. I truly enjoy working for HPA."

Matt Grasin, Med-Surg RN

"There are many reasons why I love working for HPA. They have created amazing lifestyle for me and my family. I have the opportunity to go on vacation with my family during the summer in southern California while still being able to work full-time as a nurse. It is such an amazing setup. "

Kiara Fleming, ICU RN

"My hospital is always in need of short-term and temporary nurses. Working exclusively with HPA has allowed us to become better efficient with our scheduling and created a relaxed peace-of-mind whenever we get in a staffing crunch. We value our business we conduct with HPA and look forward to years more of service. "

Elaine Richards, CEO, South Community Hospital

"There has been countless times when I was in need of work over the past few years and HPA has always been able to supply me with shifts. I have became very found of working through HPA to find great facilities to work for. The pay is great and the recruiters are wonderful. "

Brooke Durling, OB/GYN RN

Top Destination Nursing Jobs California Has

At HPA Staffing we offer all the top Northern California nursing jobs and RN jobs in Southern California. We partner with popular facilities so we can offer the best RN jobs California has.