How Do I Become A Travel Nurse?

It is easy to become a travel nurse with HPA Staffing and there is several ways to do it.

Go to the Apply page and fill out the form

Email us at contact@hpastaffing.com

Call us at 888-995-7616

Can I Work Anywhere In California?

HPA Staffing has a plethora of different openings throughout California. Whether you want to work in the mountains, wine country, city or near the sandy beaches. We have assignment openings everywhere.

What Is The Typical Assignment Length?

Typically most assignments last for 13 weeks but many times these 13 weeks assignments are asked to be extended. Other then 13 weeks it is not uncommon to see 8 week assignments as well.

When Can I Start My First Travel Assignment?

When you begin your assignment is mostly dependent on when you want to start. Once we have accepted and processed your application, a company recruiter may begin presenting you as a possible candidate to hospitals right away. Some travelers have actually begun an assignment just one week after submitting their application!